Cafe d’Amore!!

I thought I might do a cheeky post on our fabulous night out over the weekend!

We had heard so much about this quirky little italian cafe hidden away in the quiet part of town.  Cafe d’Amore turned out to be such a wonderful night out ~ shared with some of our cool pals and their little dude..

My terrible camera managed to not let me capture much at all of the gorgeous lay-out of the cafe, nor did it capture many quality shots of my friday night outfit – but I’m going to post some shots anyway.  Apologies in advance 🙂 needing a new cam asap!

A splash of my fave red lippy..

Revived some old loves of mine ~ a blouse that I used to wear as a dress but has now lost too many buttons to even bother counting; an old faithful high waisted skater skirt; and my beautiful wedges with a few too many scuff marks and stains on them for a close-up…  My brown leather school-girl bag was a score at a local op shop for $7!!  I love love love it..

My gosh I love nick-nacks!  I certainly couldn’t be defined by the word minimalist 🙂

Yummm Chilli Mussels

Husband and I……might be approaching tipsy? 

Just being silly buggers xxx

Some light after-dinner reading….

Little buddy Levi was all tuckered out xxx

Such an amazing night…..will be seeing you again soon Cafe d’Amore!! 




shiny little happy things

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to model some stunning Cygnet Bay pearls at the local Broome Races on the weekend!

It was a wonderful day ~ champagne flowing, pearls glimmering ~ I could certainly become accustomed to that life!

Here’s a few pics to give you an idea of just how tough my day was….

This stunning piece was the highlight of the day; it was named the “Diver’s Bubbles” and consisted of heaps and heaps of beautiful perfect pearls, and diamonds!  The price hadn’t been fully decided upon yet but it was nearing the $50,000 (AUD) mark!  I felt so honoured to have been able to wear it, and was seriously considering a change of job just so I could be nearer to these amazing pearls on a daily basis!

My gorgeous pal Emma (right) and I ~ Em got to model the most beautiful long strand of pearls, wrapped around twice.  And matching bracelets! I thought she looked like she’d stepped straight out of a romantic 50’s movie!

Another gorgeous necklace we got to model, with beautiful earrings and the most dainty little ring!

Some examples of the Cygnet Bay pearls that they have in their Broome show-room. 



***Mobile photos taken by myself, professional photos by the Broome Turf Club and Cygnet Bay Pearls***

Oh bright eyes..

I am obsessing over the gorgeous neon eyes that have been making an appearance this season.  Any of my fave girls will know how I do LOVE a thick black winged eye 🙂 but might need some encouragement to give this a try..

Some of my fave’s so far:

***Photos sourced from Google***

Love xxx


So they might feel better..

I took part in a fundraising walk for a local charity on the weekend, called the Kyle Andrews Foundation.

The foundation was initiated by a young Broome boy undergoing treatment for Leukemia in Perth.  Kyle had a dream of bringing some of his young friends from the ward to Cable Beach, Broome so that “they might feel better”. Even though Kyle is no longer with us, his foundation continues to find ways to make this happen.

It was a lovely experience, very humbling, and was just beautiful to see so many people out supporting such a wonderful charity.

***Some photos sourced from the Kyle Andrews Foundation website***






A sneaky peek at one of my favourite online stores ~ FREE PEOPLE

I have a gazillion online stores saved in my Favourites, popping up in my emails, and clogging up my facebook newsfeed every day!

But none are so amazing that everytime I see a new email or post from them, I automatically click on it just to see what beautiful items they have released this week!

But one…

Free People was created in the 70’s in Philadelphia (I’m humming along to the beautiful Bruce Springsteen hit “Streets of Philadelphia” as I write this haha) to reach out to the young, free, and wild at heart.

Whilst reading their philosophy on their website, I found this description of who they want to cater to:……a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between….


I am a 26 year old girl, and I would like to think of myself as confident, comfortable in my being, adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to HOPELESSLY romantic 🙂

So!  Basically this brand is MADE for me.

AND they have $7.95 USD shipping to Oz!!  Ya can’t beat that very often..

It’s been tough; but I’ve put together my wish list of Free People stuff…… was tough because I could have just posted the entire website….that’s how in love with them I am.

Check it outttttt

Enjoy xx




Oh Perth Winter ~ how I miss thee..

Good morning Friday 🙂

I never thought I’d say that I missed the cold, rainy, gloomy Perth winter ~ especially only 7 months after leaving the place!  But the amazing cow-girl ankle boots, pastel coloured cigarette pants (a mint pair for my birthday would be swell if anyone feels like showing me some love??), pretty scarves, and crazy printed tights of this season are having me day-dreaming my days away… if I didn’t do that enough already.

I am lusting over the beautiful shades of ombre tights that are set to be huge (again) this winter.  Perfect for work or to mix up a cute weekend dress and Mary-Jane heels, and they come in the prettiest colours!

Check out this gorgeous little Etsy shop for the CUTEST tights I’ve seen.  The Fuschian Violet and those adorable floral creepers just make me smile 🙂

Be sure to let me know if you see any different colour variations out and about pals?? 

Ciao xx



Pretty little bows xxx


First post back after a couple of holidays have kept me busy and away from the blogosphere lately!  I’m sorry..  😦

I thought I’d make up for it with a quick post on my FAVOURITE hairstyle at the moment ~ the Bow Bun!

So pretty!

I tried it out for myself at a wedding in Exmouth, West Oz, on the weekend.  It was sooooo simple!  I could probably have spent a little more time perfecting it, but I was pretty chuffed with how it turned out considering I usually go for the fool-proof beachy curls or high bun.

I found a great tutorial on youtube, and once I’d gotten the basics of the bow, it all kind of fell together pretty easily!  Check out the youtube clip here..

And the end result!  I apologise for the terrible quality of the pic ~ the trusty iPhone was used a whole lot more than it should have been..

With my darling friend Jimmy ~ who I may or may not have gotten up to a whole lot of mischief with. 

I’ll hopefully be posting a revised version of my Bow Bun shortly!  I want to try and get it higher off my head so it’s more pronounced 🙂 perfection!

Adios for now xxx