Happy Monday pals!!!

Hope you all had a splendid weekend!  It was such a beautiful weekend here; heaps of rain and very magical.   Lots of energy racing through the air! 

I spent my weekend op-shopping with a pal, eating fish n chips down the beach in the rain, beading on the balcony with my bird on my shoulder, watching movies with hubby, and topped it off with ciders and nibbles down the beach. 

 I had such an inspiring, creative weekend that I thought I would share with you some of my Virtual Inspiration Board.  A collection of pics that I love ~ everytime I look at them my heart swoons and my feet get itchy.



BURNING MAN ~ oh how I want to go to Burning Man.. 

(don’t know if I would ever come back though!!)

Some of my rainy weekend creations…….Tiger Eye + Mookaite Foot-wraps… 

Lana Del Rey……..such a mysterious little soul child!  Love.

Oh Lykke Li……….you amazing me..

This little baby is a sneaky behind shot of me and one of my loves Angel, at my “Arabian Nights” inspired Hens party in 2010..  Love xx

**All pictures sourced from Google, except my personal photos.