Through my addiction to online shopping and FB page browsing I’m always coming across new labels, new designers , new styles.  Some of these new finds stay in my mind for a few days, some for a few hours, and some will be forgotten about by the time I click “Like” on the next page.

Few labels rarely manage to keep my attention consistently ~ Black Milk Clothing however have. 

Their fresh mix of eclectic designs, out of this world prints and willingness to go where no other designers dare to go, have me enchanted.

I will admit; I HAD given up on ever owning a piece of their delicious brand, due to the fact that I live in a tropical paradise and the only time I would be able to wear leggings would be at 2am in July  ~ however on further inspection I found that not only do they create amazing leggings, they also have an abundant range of dresses, swimsuits, skirts and even catsuits!

I am therefore saving my hard earned little pennies for one of these spell bounding swimsuits.

Check out some of my favourite pieces below…

Galaxy purple swimsuit

$90 AUD

3D Ribs swimsuit

$90 AUD

Galaxy blue skirt

$60 AUD

Galaxy purple catsuit

$120 AUD

Polar bear swimsuit

$90 AUD

Suspender Galaxy purple leggings (not currently available on website)

The Moonwalker swimsuit

$90 AUD

Tiger swimsuit

$90 AUD

Love, love, love ~ TJ xoxo