Good morning!

Today is my Friday!!

Husband and I are jumping on a big jet plane this afternoon and heading back to the big smoke for a whirlwind weekend of catching up with family and pals.  A few festivals and a girly roadtrip are even thrown in the mix!  Excitement is an understatement 🙂

The last 5 months living in our tropical paradise have been amazing ~ but one thing I have missed like no else: wearing lipstick!  Oh all the shades of pink and red and coral and maroon and nude ~ I just can’t wait to get my hands on a pretty lippy and not take it off until the weekend shenanigans are over!

In my excitement to get home and choose which shade will be my “just lounging on an airplane but still managing to look fresh as a daisy” colour, I’ve put together a quick selection of some gorgeous ladies who wear their lippy’s so perfectly.

Who do you think wear’s theirs best?



And of course ~ the incredible Marilyn Monroe and those scarlet lips xxx