I had the absolute pleasure of being able to model some stunning Cygnet Bay pearls at the local Broome Races on the weekend!

It was a wonderful day ~ champagne flowing, pearls glimmering ~ I could certainly become accustomed to that life!

Here’s a few pics to give you an idea of just how tough my day was….

This stunning piece was the highlight of the day; it was named the “Diver’s Bubbles” and consisted of heaps and heaps of beautiful perfect pearls, and diamonds!  The price hadn’t been fully decided upon yet but it was nearing the $50,000 (AUD) mark!  I felt so honoured to have been able to wear it, and was seriously considering a change of job just so I could be nearer to these amazing pearls on a daily basis!

My gorgeous pal Emma (right) and I ~ Em got to model the most beautiful long strand of pearls, wrapped around twice.  And matching bracelets! I thought she looked like she’d stepped straight out of a romantic 50’s movie!

Another gorgeous necklace we got to model, with beautiful earrings and the most dainty little ring!

Some examples of the Cygnet Bay pearls that they have in their Broome show-room. 



***Mobile photos taken by myself, professional photos by the Broome Turf Club and Cygnet Bay Pearls***