Well, I’m Tasha ~ a day-dreaming, fairyfloss-eating, aqua nailpolish wearing, tree climbing, star-gazing chameleon, recently relocated to a tropical paradise with the love of my life… 

Just another little gypsy girl wanting to share my thoughts with the world…..on all areas from Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Online Shopping and Inspirations.

Love xoxo


1 thought on “About”

  1. Paulinah said:

    Hi, I hope this message finds you well.
    I am connecting with you to introduce to my label Dancing Dolls UK- an independent ready-to-wear label, specialiasing in handmade women and swimwear- http://www.dancingdollsuk or http://www.facebook.com/dancingdollsuk with the hope that it will capture your attention for long enough for you to feature it on your blog….and even if it doesn’t interest you too much, maybe if I ask really, really nicely you will do a feature on it anyway.
    So please, please….here’s to hoping!! Keep up the good work ♥ it.

    Regards Paulinah

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